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ISP Grande Loses Safe Harbor Over ‘Utter Failure’ to Terminate Pirating Customers


Texas-based Internet provider Grande Communications has no right to a safe harbor defense in its case against several RIAA backed record labels. The ruling from the Texan federal court puts the ISP at a severe disadvantage for the upcoming trial, where it's accused of being liable for copyright infringements allegedly committed by its users.

Regular Internet providers are being put under increasing pressure for not doing enough to curb copyright infringement.

Music rights company BMG got the ball rolling a few years ago when it won its piracy liability lawsuit against Cox.

Following on the heels of this case, several major record labels including Capitol Records, Warner Bros, and Sony Music, filed a lawsuit in a Texas District Court. Helped by the RIAA, they sued ISP Grande Communications for allegedly turning a blind eye to its pirating subscribers.

The labels argued that the Internet pro...

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Reddit Admins Issue Formal Warning to /r/piracy, Totally Out of the Blue


After never directing a single complaint to the popular /r/piracy discussion forum, Reddit Legal has now issued its moderators with an official warning concerning its future. Almost no evidence has been provided but apparently 74 complaints in recent months triggered the warning. Reddit has a quarter of a billion monthly users.

On March 17, 2019, TorrentFreak published an article about Reddit’s /r/piracy discussion forum.

It was actually prepared six days earlier, a point of importance that will become clear later on.

We noted how some in the thriving community of around 350,000 subscribers were concerned that it could be shut down for talking about piracy. In general, we highlighted what should be apparent – discussing piracy is a whole different animal than actually engaging in it.

Perhaps even more importantly, we reported on statements issued earlier this month by ...

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Top 10 Most Pirated Movies of The Week on BitTorrent – 03/18/19


The top 10 most downloaded movies on BitTorrent are in again. 'Aquaman' tops the chart this week, followed by ‘Mary Poppins Returns'. 'Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse' completes the top three.

This week we have four newcomers in our chart.

Aquaman is the most downloaded movie.

The data for our weekly download chart is estimated by TorrentFreak, and is for informational and educational reference only. All the movies in the list are Web-DL/Webrip/HDRip/BDrip/DVDrip unless stated otherwise.

RSS feed for the articles of the recent weekly movie download charts.

This week’s most downloaded movies are: Movie Rank Rank last week Movie name IMDb Rating / Trailer Most downloaded movies via torrents 1 (1) Aquaman 7.7 / trailer 2 (10) The Lego...

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How an Anti-Piracy Crusading Movie Studio is Keeping Piracy ‘Alive’


Aussie movie studio Village Roadshow has a reputation of being a staunch anti-piracy advocate. However, the company is also known for delaying local movie releases for weeks, knowing that this may trigger pirates. That may also be the case with the "The LEGO Movie 2" as a high-quality copy leaked onto various pirate sites before the Australian theatrical release.

Australian entertainment company Village Roadshow has been on the anti-piracy frontlines for several years.

Where most Hollywood studios hide behind the MPAA, Village Roadshow, and its CEO Graham Burke in particular, have lashed out against pirates and their facilitators on numerous occasions.

The company has repeatedly lobbied for tougher copyright legislation down under, for example. And it’s one of the driving forces behind the recent wave of blocking orders against Australian ISPs.

As CEO,  Burke is known for his frontal attacks on Google, accusing t...

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Reddit’s /r/Piracy Mods Get Tough on Reckless Pirates


Reddit's /r/piracy sub is a thriving community of almost 350,000 subscribers, some of whom are terrified it's going to be shut down. However, a key moderator there has recently revealed a zero tolerance approach for copyright infringement, with a one-strike suspension policy for offenders.

As one of the most-visited sites on the entire Internet, Reddit needs little introduction.

The site has millions of daily visitors who read and contribute to countless discussions on every conceivable (and often inconceivable) topic.

In the piracy space, Reddit’s /r/piracy sub-Reddit is an invaluable source of information. It has close to 350,000 subscribers, making it one of the largest piracy-focused discussion platforms on the Internet. As such, many users feel the section is precariously placed.

As detailed previously, this often controversial for...

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Travis McRae: Sue Me Over EBook Site, I Want the BS Over & Done With


Travis McRea, the former leader of the Pirate Party of Canada, is making international headlines over his controversial eBook download platform. Speaking with TorrentFreak, an unrepentant McRea says he actually wants someone to sue him so he can win the case and set a legal precedent.

Most entities behind user-generated upload platforms know that lawsuits are always a possibility and accept them as a risk of doing business.

YouTube, for example, knows that it can be sued but since the company follows applicable law to the letter, it’s not a straightforward prospect for opponents. It also has the deepest of deep pockets.

Then there’s Travis McRea, the former leader of the Pirate Party of Canada and the brains behind what is now becoming one of the world’s most controversial eBook platforms, Ebook.bike.

McRea also underst...

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Rightholders Have Asked Google to ‘Remove’ 4 Billion Pirate Links


Copyright holders have asked Google to remove four billion links to 'pirate' search results over the years. The vast majority of these requests were honored. This includes hundreds of millions of URLs which are not yet indexed. These end up on a preemptive blacklist instead.

For most people, search engines such as Google are an essential tool to enjoy the web in all its glory.

With clever algorithms, the company offers a gateway to billions of sites, many of which would otherwise remain undiscovered.

This also includes many ‘pirate’ sites. While there are plenty of people who don’t mind seeing these show up in search results, their presence is a thorn in the side of copyright holders.

At the beginning of this decade, this problem was hardly recognized. When Google published its first transparency report, it re...

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Steal This Show S04E13: Faircoin


Today we bring you the next episode of the Steal This Show podcast, discussing renegade media and the latest decentralization and file-sharing news. In this episode, we talk with Enric Duran, leader of the Faircoin project and founder of Fair Coop.

This is part one of a two-part series with Enric Duran, leader of the Faircoin project and founder of Fair Coop.

Faircoin is a fascinating experiment in cryptocurrency: a LETS-style community currency which also functions as an exchange-traded token. With it, Duran’s Fair Co-op wants to power an international co-operative movement based on ideas and principles emerging from the Catalan Integral Co-operative: peer-to-peer organization, and horizontal governance by consensus.

We discuss how the Fair Co-Op project co-opted (!) the original Fair Coin for its own use; trust ...

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Scammers Use Fake Copyright Notices to Steal Instagram Accounts


Scammers are using fake copyright notices to obtain login credentials from Instagram users, cybersecurity firm Kaspersky reveals. The recipients are told that their account will be suspended for copyright infringement within 24 hours. They can, however, "verify" their account if they believe it's a mistake.

There is no denying that many people spend several hours per day on their social media accounts.

Those who gain enough status on sites such as Instagram can even make a living out of it.

When this livelihood is threatened, panic and fear can ensue. This is something scammers are well aware of and some are gladly exploiting it for their benefit.

According to cybersecurity company and anti-virus provider Kaspersky, a new phishing scheme that uses fake copyright notices is “gaining momentum.”  The email campaign uses an Instagram letterhead and w...

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Russia Plans to Block Pirate Sites Without Trial & De-Anonymize Their Operators


Russia's Ministry of Culture has tabled new amendments to copyright law that will allow rightsholders to order web hosts to block pirate sites without trial, if they are unresponsive to takedown demands. Site owners will also be forced to publish their names and addresses on their platforms but it's not yet clear how this can be enforced.

Like most regions in the world, Russia has an online piracy problem, with millions of citizens regularly using pirate sites to access free movies, music, TV shows, and other content.

Russia is already a world-leader when it comes to site-blocking but if new proposals are written into law, life for pirate site owners could become much more difficult.

Back in 2018 the Ministry of Culture began mulling amendments to copyright law and this week it became clear that it has a tightened site-blocking regime in mind, along with other significant changes.

Local publ...

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